NEWS: GeDIA sponsored Data Science Africa Event
This news article was written by GeDIA member Carl Jacobs.
GeDIA had the pleasure of being one of the Gold Sponsors for this year’s Data Science Africa (DSA) Event, which included a three day Summer School and two day Workshop with the topic of Women & Data in Africa. Below are the full recordings, with an overview of the main topics and speakers from each day. Kindly made available by DSA.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Day 1 — Oct 4 2021 — Summer School Day 1
Python Basics & Data Analytics in Python
General introduction to Python Basics and Data Analytics in Python by
Dina Machuve & Neema Mduma.​​​​​​​

Machine Learning Fundamentals & Computer Vision
Machine Learning Fundamentals and Computer Vision by
Ernest Mwebabze.

Data Visualisation Methods
Introduction to Data Visualisation Methods by
Day 2 — Oct 5 2021 — Summer School Day 2
Embedded Machine Learning
(1) An Introduction to Embedded Machine Learning/TinyML; (2) An overview of the tools needed to develop a TinyML Application; and (3) Developing and Deploying a TinyML Application by

IoT Data Processing
Introduction to IoT (Internet of Things) Data Processing by
Ciira Maina, Jason Kabi & Lorna Mugambi.
Day 3 — Oct 6 2021 — Summer School Day 3
Big Data: Data Engineering at scale
Introduction to engineering data at large scales by
Luis Cabanzón Gutiérrez.

Deep Learning Fundamentals
Introduction to the fundamentals of Deep Learning by
Benjamin Akera & Nakasi Rose.​​​​​​​

Natural Language Processing
Introduction to Natural Language Processing and Tutorial by
Vukosi Marivate​​​​​​​.

Machine Learning Systems & Streaming Data
Introduction to Machine Learning Systems and Streaming Data by
Neil LawrenceAndrei Paleyes.
Day 4 — Oct 7 2021 — Workshop Day 1
USSD Technology to Combat COVID-19 in Rural Areas in Malawi
A presentation by
Rabson Sayenda.

Using Machine Learning to Screen Echocardiograms for Rheumatic Heart Disease
A presentation by
Lorna Mugambi.​​​​​​​

How else can we think about creating Ground Truth Datasets to answer research questions?
A presentation by
Raesetje Sefala​​​​​​​.

Applications on Spaceborne Thermography
A presentation by
Mohamed AhmedTabaro Kabanda.

Using Citizen Science for better understanding Cities & Neighbourhoods
A presentation by

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethics & Ubuntu
A presentation by
Sabelo Mhlambi.
Day 5 — Oct 8 2021 — Workshop Day 2
Techniques for proper Missing Data Treatment
A presentation by
Peter Popoola.

How AWS uses Big Data for Recommendation Systems
A presentation by
Thenjiwe Kubheka.

Building Cloud-Based Serverless Data Platforms for Learning Analytics
A presentation by
Moekestsi Mosia, Eli Bila Nimy & Melvin Kisten.

Severity Estimation of Potholes in Imagery using Convolutional Neural Networks
A presentation by
Vernon Kok.

SautiLearn: Improving Online Learning Experience with Accent Translation
A presentation by
Tejumade Afonja.

Increasing Data Sharing in Africa
A presentation by

Challenges & Opportunities for Women in IT & Data Science
A Q&A session with
Chisenga Muyoya, Tricia Govindasamy, Celina Lee & Martin Gordon Mubangizi.

The Art of the Possible
A presentation by
Afua Bruce.
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