NEWS: GeDIA at IFIP 9.4 2021​​​​​​​
GeDIA co-director, Chisenga Muyoya, recently participated in IFIP 9.4 2021, a leading ICT4D conference exploring the implications of information and digital technologies for development.
In a panel discussion on Feminist Approaches to Information Systems and Digital Technologies for Development, Chisenga shared the key lessons of working in GeDIA — a cross country, multi-action research network for gender-justice.

Chisenga speaking at the IFIP 9.4 2021 Virtual Conference

According to Chisenga, GeDIA’s journey through cross-cultural feminist collaboration and leadership led to definitional debates on gender within the network, the result of which was to challenge monolithic and univocal conceptions of gender and define feminism(s) beyond the Western perspectives dominant in current information systems.
Two key lessons emerged from this experience: (1) it is difficult to have ideological purity in cross country multi-action research, and because of this, (2) it is important to genuinely listen to one another, learn from the unique contexts and perspectives each member brings, and collaborate to take action together.
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